Voila People! SOO, you guys must be thinking what the "Big Reveal" IS, well, it might not be as BIG for YOU as it's for ME but still I want to share it with you. Therefore, THE. BIG. NEWS. IS. THAT. I'm. DOING. A. COLLAB. WITH. (Dramatic drum roll PLEASE) Out n' about. Wo-ho, Wo-ho! I've... Continue Reading →


How To Survive Festives

Hellos World! Dedicated: To all my Indian Readers (especially Ladies) out there. I'll tell you all the HACKS which you might not know about or else you know them but have been IGNORING. SOO, "What are we waiting for Chris....tmas?" (K3G live forever). SORRY for that but seriously let's get started. (Most Common) DO wash your face every... Continue Reading →


Hey There Fellas! Do you know what time it is? It. Is. Time. For. My. Favourite. Season. Fall. And Halloween is also around the corner. Now, we shall gear-up for the hacks, DIY outfits, makeup tips, and more. Other than than that I'm also gonna share with you "My Fall Favourites".  *sing* First things First... Continue Reading →

Must Play Playlist

Hey there beautiful people! As you must have read my title "My Must Play Playlist", it IS inspired from "The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon's game My Do Not Play Playlist", if by any little chance you've been thinking if you've heard it somewhere. Ok, I'm not gonna go 360 degrees to the topic. I'll... Continue Reading →

September/October BOOKCLUB

Hey There Accapitches! #pitchperfect #accawesome Besides that, Welcome to my first ever Bookclub. I'm pretty exited about this cuz I Just Finished The One And Only *drum roll please* "Mylifeaseva: The Struggle Is Real by Eva Gutowski" This 'dear' life changing book was 1 of my birthday presents! Okay, and I'm also really sorry as... Continue Reading →

Back To Business 

Hey There Fellas! I'm back to business and would not go off track until November because my exams would be back again, by then #studentlife. If anybody out there can RELATE to me please do cause this is totally relatable. DUH 🙄 Well, you people will have to wait for my first ever book 📚... Continue Reading →


"It's my birthday, it's my birthday, I'm gonna spend my money...........!!!!!" Hello World! First of all it's NOT my birthday today. It's on 2nd of September. So wish me on that Day. It's just to tell you Guys how freaking excited I am for MY BIRTHDAY 🎉. Cause this time to celebrate, we are going to... Continue Reading →


Hey Guys! OK, Sooo, My school's Annual Day is coming up and we just started with the Auditions this week. The theme this year is "Mrignayani", it's a musical. It is a love story between Mansingh and Mrignayani. You may read the story on google. (Cause I don't know it myself😅) I gave my auditions... Continue Reading →

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